Tab Claiming

Order from the counter, pay from the phone.

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How it Works

After adding a card on file to open a tab, the customer is presented with a tab claiming page. Optionally the brewery can automatically print a receipt with a QR code on it. If a customer has claimed a tab previously, the phone number and email are stored against the card and that customer can simply have the claim texted to them.

When the customer is ready, they select the tip and close the tab.

Shorten the Lines

Face time with your customers is important. But at the end of their visit no one wants to wait in line just to close out a tab.

When a customer claims their tab they have the power to simply get up and leave whenever they are ready without the hassle of waiting in line at the counter. This frees up space for your customers who are ordering and keeps the taps flowing, allowing you to sell more beer.


What's in it for the Brewery?

BrewBill incentivizes our partners to participate in the program by splitting the convenience fees with the brewery. This effectively means that the brewery nets approximately 20¢ per claimed tab transaction.

What is the Customer Fee?

The fee to the customer is typically 40¢ or 2% depending on the brewery.

Does Closing Via Mobile Affect Tipping?

From our analysis tipping does not appear to be affected by closing out from a mobile device.

What if the Customer Forgets to Close Out?

The customer is sent a reminder text after 40 minutes of tab inactivity. This text serves as a reminder to close out the tab, but also as a way to motivate additional sales. If they do not close out by end of night the tab is automatically closed with a 20% gratuity.

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